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AI Catalog


MindMeld is an advanced AI platform powering a new generation of intelligent conversational interfaces. It is the first platform capable of powering intelligent conversational experiences for any app, device or website. Companies use this platform to create conversational assistants that understand what users say and find the information they need.

Semantic machines

Semantic Machines is developing fundamental, next generation Conversational AI technology. We provide novel models for dialogue and NLP; as well as new approaches for automatically generating limitless AI Assistant system capacity. The mission of Semantic Machines is to revolutionize human-to-computer interaction, by creating the first viable, scalable, conversational computing paradigm. This new paradigm will enable dramatic improvements - in terms both customer experience and costs - in the areas of customer service and home automation.


Maluuba conducts research and develops state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to teach literacy to machines.


Founded in 2012, Mobvoi aims to push the boundaries of next generation human-machine interaction with AI technology. Mobvoi has developed it’s own Chinese voice technologies in the fields of voice recognition, natural language processing, and vertical search. Through its creation of critically acclaimed consumer products in wearables, automobile and home product categories.

Kitt AI

KITT.AI offers a conversational understanding as a service that focuses on multi-turn dialog.


Snips is an AI voice platform for connected devices. It is an end-to-end solution with Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding, enabling anyone to add a customizable voice assistant to their product.


Clarifai provides advanced image recognition systems for customers to detect near-duplicates and visual searches.Clarifai’s image recognition systems recognize various categories, objects, and tags in images, as well as find similar images.

Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight is a Geospatial Big Data company leveraging the rapidly growing availability of satellite, UAV, and other geospatial data sources. The company’s goal is to understand and characterize socio­economic trends at global, regional, and hyper­local scales.

Pilot AI

Software-based deep learning computer vision on commodity embedded platforms


Captricity’s AI-powered automation enables paper to travel at the speed of digital.Captricity’s AI solution starts with the most accurate data capture technology in existence. With 99.9 percent accuracy, our capture technology transforms structured and semi-structured data — including handwriting — into decision-ready insights.


Grokstyle develops an app that automatically identifies furniture and home decor from just about any picture or angle.


nuTonomy is an MIT spin-off that builds state-of-the art self-driving cars and autonomous mobile robots. They are working with major automotive manufacturers and small, disruptive startups to reinvent personal mobility for the twenty-first century. is a Silicon Valley startup founded by former lab mates out of Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. We are creating AI software for autonomous vehicles using deep learning, which we believe is the key to the future of transportation.


Founded by László Kishonti in 2015, AImotive is the leading global provider of AI powered self-driving technology. Using cameras as primary sensors our solutions mimic the visual capabilities of human drivers. This approach results in technology that can readily scale, and helps make autonomous driving a reality around the world.


Nauto is an autonomous vehicle technology system that offers an artificial intelligence-powered connected camera network and smart cloud system for its clients. It identifies dangers and alerts the drivers, and provide coaching and feedback at the end of trips. Nauto’s real-time sensors and visual data help fleet managers detect and understand the cause of accidents and reduce false liability claims.